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Weighted Total Harmonic Distortion And Power Quality Analysis Of Space Vector Modulated Voltage Source Inverters For WECS

This paper presents harmonic and power quality analysis of two level and three level Diode Clamped Voltage Source Inverter (DCVSI). Purpose of analysis is to investigate performance of VSI in WECS in terms of power quality fed to grid, filter requirement and DC bus utilization. Modulation strategy used is Space Vector PWM (SVPWM) for two levels and three levels DCVSI as it is readily available for digital implementation. Performance evaluation of VSI is measured through Weighted Total Harmonic Distortion (WTHD), IEC 1000-3-4 Regulation and Filtering Ratio (FR). Voltage Source Inverter and LCL filter are modeled in terms of switching function and state space technique respectively. These models integrated and simulated using MATLAB-SIMULINK. It is observed from simulation that DCVSI has better WTHD and higher DC Bus Utilization. Further it is also observed that DCVSI experiences lower switching loss and less filtering requirement.