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Fuel Theft Alarming System

In this modern era, automobile vehicles have become a necessity. With the increasing demand of automobiles, there have been a drastic increase in cases where fuel stations cheat the customers by not filling the correct amount of fuel in the vehicle. They adopt various techniques to fool the customer by not filling the specified amount. In this project we aim at eradicating fuel theft by making the indicators digital so that it can help us know the exact quantity of fuel available before refuelling and after the refuelling is done. The quantity of the fuel available and the quantity filled in the tank can be displayed digitally with the help of sensors. Keywords - Arduino Uno, Fuel Theft, Digital Fuel Meter, Ultrasonic Sensor, Flow Sensor, Load Cell.

Author - Namrata Patel, Pranjal Surana, Raushan Kumar Jha, Reetesh Kesarwani, Siddhi Shree Jain, Valarmathi J

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| Published on 2019-09-23
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