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Paper Title :
Development of GPS Signal Tracking on Software-Defined Radio

Author :Han Nilar Htay, Zin Mar Lwin, Tin Tin Hla

Article Citation :Han Nilar Htay ,Zin Mar Lwin ,Tin Tin Hla , (2023 ) " Development of GPS Signal Tracking on Software-Defined Radio " , International Journal of Electrical, Electronics and Data Communication (IJEEDC) , pp. 13-17, Volume-11,Issue-2

Abstract : Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers are of great importance for the increasing demands of location-based services in both the civil and military fields. GPS satellites broadcast on L1 1575,42 MHz and L2 1227,60 MHz carrier frequencies. In this paper, signal analysis fixated on the L1 band. GPS receivers can be executed by using software defined radio techniques. The reconfigurable software defined receiver developed makes use of RF front end called Hack RF One. Software Defined Radio provides a prospect for scalable and gainful of GPS signal acquisition and tracking. A software-defined GPS receiver has been designed which is based on a combined hardware and software platform. The hardware platform, Hack RF One based recording and tracking system is low cost, portable, and can be reconfigured to record and track the entire family of GPS signals. When realizing software experiments, an interface called GNU Radio has been used because of its enormous implementation of signal processing blocks. The GPS data recorded using Hack RF One base blocks from GNU Radio and provides computed acquisition and GPS tracking solutions in MATLAB. Keywords - GPS, GNU Radio, Software-Defined Radio, Hack RF, Tracking.

Type : Research paper

Published : Volume-11,Issue-2


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| Published on 2023-05-06
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