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Font, Color, Brightness Of Smartphone User Interface For Elderly Users

Author :R.Sakdulyatham, S.Preeyanont, R.Lipikorn, R.Watakakosol

Article Citation :R.Sakdulyatham ,S.Preeyanont ,R.Lipikorn ,R.Watakakosol , (2016 ) " Font, Color, Brightness Of Smartphone User Interface For Elderly Users " , International Journal of Electrical, Electronics and Data Communication (IJEEDC) , pp. 18-21, Volume-4,Issue-7

Abstract : Since most of elderly have visual impairment such as amblyopia, photophobia and grey vision, problems in using smart phone through user interface have occurred nowadays. As a result, a new user interface prototype, such as character, color and brightness, was created. This is to solve the problems of elderly in using the user interface and collect the data from samples, which are 20 elders at the age of 60-69 years, through the field survey. It was found that the most selected font is Arial Unicode MS size 12pt. This generated an additional concept to increase the font size when the required reading message is touched, from 12pt. to 16pt. The most selected color tone and brightness of the user interface are green and 75%, respectively. After that, the best prototype of each element were combined and designed, and used to collect data again. This is to find whether the combined prototype of each element is still the most appropriate prototype for elderly. The results showed that certain issues are not suitable to elderly because each elder has different visual impairment. After this research, researcher will use this user interface to conduct survey to test the hypothesis that the created user interface can assist elderly in using smart phone better than before. Index Terms— User Interface, Elderly Users, Smartphone.

Type : Research paper

Published : Volume-4,Issue-7


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| Published on 2016-08-17
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