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Phase Change Materials In Building Construction To Reduce Room Temperature Fluctuations

Phase change materials (PCMs) are the materials that could store a large amount of energy in the form of latent heat at a constant temperature without any fluctuations or variations in the temperature. This property of the PCMs finds its usage in many fields conserving energy to a greater extent. The major application of the PCMs is in the building construction where it is used in several ways to maintain either a constant temperature in the interior of the building or to store a large amount of solar radiation as a latent heat energy in it. In this paper a building construction model is suggested and analyzed using Fluent 6.3 and the results were discussed. The main consideration was made on the regulation of inner temperature fluctuations along with the maximum energy of solar radiation that could be stored and retrieved later. A detailed literature survey of all the researches that were done previously using PCMs in buildings was done.