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Three Dimensional Nanotextured Pyramidal Copper Mesh for Pool-Boiling Enhancement

Increasing heat removal rate is essential prerequisite for the development of next-generation microelectronic devices. Pool boiling is a process by which heat is removed by upon vaporization of a coolant fluid upon an immersed heated surface often finding application to cooling high-performance computing systems. Increasing the surface-to-volume ratio in confined spaces is required to improve this cooling method. Herein we introduce textured copper pillars with varied geometric arrangements and study their effects on pool boiling performance. Frustum-pyramid pillars were formed by supersonic spraying of copper micro-particles through a wire mesh to form pillars of various sizes. We identified the optimal pool boiling scenario corresponding to the maximum cross-flow coolant velocity over the pyramids. Maximum bubble nucleation was achieved for a specific geometric arrangement. Such a geometric design can be installed in heat-pipe cooling systems to cool electronic devices. Index Terms- Supersonic Spraying, Copper Nanoparticles, Pool Boiling, Superheat Temperature, Critical Heat Flux.