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Heat Transfer Enhancement in Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger by using Ionic Fluid (BMIMCL)

Assignments of heat transfer fluid are very essential now a day’s to acquire wide range of application in heat transfer industries. This work deals with the experiment investigation of thermal conductivity and specific heat capacity of ionanofluids as a function of a temperature and concentration of (1-Butyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride) BmimCl. Also, results using BmimCl as coolants in heat exchanger are also used to access their suitability and performance in heat exchanger devices. Overall good result were obtained with experimental work results on thermal conductivity and heat capacity of BmimCl as well as the estimation of heat transfer areas for ionanofluids and ionic liquids in a basic shell and tube heat exchanger divulge that ionanofluids secures great thermal conductivity and heat capacity and require considerably less heat transfer areas as contrast to those of their base ionic liquids. This novel class of fluids shows great potential for advanced heat transfer applications the enhancement heat transfer of the heat transfer devices can be done by changing the fluid transport Index terms- Ionic Fluids, BmimCl, LMTD