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Market-Ready Pilot Applications of E-Freight in Europe

This paper illustrates business cases of market ready applications of e-freight in Europe coming from the development of a project named E-IMPACT, and aiming at fostering the implementation of e-Freight through a series of studies including the development and the founded in the framework of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) adoption of an e-Freight Toolkit. Main concepts of e-freight initiative and framework are introduced in the paper as well as socio economic effects and policy issues related to the use of a Common Framework for Information and Communication Systems in Transport and Logistics in Europe. Business cases about Multimodal freight journey planning and booking, multimodal operations planning and execution management over Maritime, Road, Rail and Inland Waterway Transport and Collaborative e-cargo ecosystem are described and first achievements of the project are described. Keywords - E-Freight, TEN-T, transport, digital services, Maritime, Road, Rail and Inland Waterway Transport.