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Investigations on Ultrasonic Vibration Assisted EDM In Tin Powder Mixed Dielectric

This research was studied about ultrasonic machining (USM) and Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) in TiN powder mixed dielectric fluid. The experiments were carried for improving surface characteristics and related to the surface modification. The experiment was carried out on a tool steel (SKD11) using a copper tool electrode. In this research, to obtain the even modified layer, the effects of EDMed conditions and ultrasonic frequencies were investigated. The EDMed surfaces were observed by SEM. Under the suitable discharge conditions in TiN powder mixed kerosene, the stable thick TiN layer adhered on the workpiece surface. The microcrack length per unit area treated in TiN mixed kerosene was greater than that treated in normal kerosene. Microhardness and wear resistance tests were conducted to evaluate the modifications on the machined surface caused by the combined process. Titanium carbon nitride (TiCN) was found on the modified layer by XRD analysis. The effect of the diffusion of carbon during cooling on the characteristics of the recast layer was discussed. Index Terms - EDM, USM, Combined process, Material removal rate, Surface modification