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Optimization of EDM Process Parameters by using PCA based Grey Relation Analysis

During the machining of electro discharged machining (EDM) process a high amount of heat is generated, which the surface features of metal are affected. This surface features are create a recast layer and crack formation of work surface. In the current study to analyze the formation of crack, recast layer and surface roughness on the work-piece surface as well as PCA and grey relation analysis-based hybrid optimization technique is utilized to determine the optimal settings of EDM process parameters. The selected EDM parameters are discharge current (Ip), pulse on time (Ton), duty cycle (Tau) and workpiece polarity. This optimal parameters setting is to improve surface integrity aspects after EDM of AISI P20 tool steel with graphite tool electrode material. Keywords - Electro discharge machining (EDM); Surface integrity; AISI P20 tool steel; Principal component analysis (PCA); Grey relation analysis (GRA).