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Modeling and Finite Element Analysis of Parabolic Web Plate Shaped Railway Locomotive Wheel Profile

Wheel performance depends on many parameters which include type of wheel profile, braking frequency, braking load, non-uniformity in braking; number of braking cycles applied on the wheel and due to all these parameters wheel guage widening and wheel guage condemning causes. Of all the parameters effect of wheel profile is very important. So here in this present paper parabolic shaped locomotive wheel profile is taken for the study. The 3-D modeling of wheel profile has designed by using 3-D modeling software CATIA V5. Analysis has conducted by using finite element commercial tool ANSYS 15.0.AAR class C high carbon steel, ASTM A897 grade5 (230-185-00) Austempered ductile iron (ADI) and Aluminum silicon carbide materials for this study. Steel has been using as a railway wheel material from decades but as the present generation needs everything sleek and light in weight we chosen the other materials to check the feasibility of materials other than steel. 2-D Axi symmetric analysis is chosen for the wheel profile in ANSYS. Static, modal and thermo-mechanical analyses are conducted in ansys. Stress concentrations and deformations due to static loads and due to both static and thermal loads are analyzed by conducting static and thermo-mechanical analyses. Natural frequencies and mode shapes are analyzed by conducting the modal analysis. Comparison of stresses, displacements and natural frequencies for the parabolic-Shaped wheel profile are studied to determine the better material for the wheel profile. Keywords - Parabolic shaped locomotive wheel profile, Stress concentrations, Displacements, Natural frequencies, ANSYS 15.0.