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Basys 2™ FPGA based Robotic Hand with Four Degrees of freedom by using VHDL programming

The idea of the project is to construct a multi-use robotic arm which can perform operations with superior accuracy with 6 degrees of freedom. The hand will display higher speed of operation and lower delay in processing suitable to the use of FPGA for processing and control. The entire system is depends on the FPGA system and also a driver circuit. The driver circuit is used for the motor of the robotic hand. The driver circuit are used because the control system does not supply sufficient power to driver the motor directly. The controller is implemented on the Spartan 3e FPGA chip using vhdl code. Spartan 3e kit FPGA is able for running at high speed of performance but the system has slow clock is used to find moderately large delays for the output signal. the overall project is depends on the control of the stepper motor using FPGA.wee have successfully completed the programming and simulation of the project. The project results shows the better performance, speed, accuracy, power dissipation, time, money, this are the performance compared with the earlier work.