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Wear and Performance Charactaristic of Slurry Pump

The solid particles in slurry play a very crucial role on the performance of the centrifugal slurry pump. The percentage of solid particles in slurry is deteriorating the overall performance of pump. Hence, it is very much essential to understand the quantity, shape, size, hardness of the solid particles that affects the pump performance. An analysis can be done by adopting various strategies. Primary investigation has been done by visual observation of the casing before and after operating of pump casing. In the research work various existing correlation are considered and compared with result obtained from the experiments. The experiments are performed with different operating conditions. It is observed that experimental results and simulated results of measurement of discharge head are very close. Further, the wear profile of casing of slurry pump with different operating condition is investigated. From the macroscopic observation and measurement of wear it can be concluded because of wear in slurry pump casing discharge head decrease. Keywords - Slurry pump, ash slurry, wear, tribology