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The Limit Load for An Isolated Pile Obtained with Kinematic Approach and Finite Elements

The paper is a comparison between the limit analysis and finite elements for the calcul of limit load of pile .the calcul at rupture uses a criterion and not a law of behavior; this is of a great convenience considering the difficulty in working out such a sufficiently realistic law for the grounds. We calcul for an isolated pile charged vertically the limit load at the point by The theoretical tool used the kinematic theorem of the limiting analysis theory, by developing a model of the failure mechanism inspired from the reality in plan, the equations and results have been treated by using Mathcad software, then we used the numerical tool the calculation by finite elements using software PLAXIS V.8.2 for calculate resistance to the point-end of the pile as a function of depth. Finaly a comparison made between the theoretical and numerical method, one found values which approach. In conclusion the kinematic method of designing the collapse is an invaluable means initially of complex problems, and would deserve to be better known. Keywords- Interaction soil-structure, Vertical loading, Limit analysis, Point effect, Numerical computation, Comparison.