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A State Space Linear Mathematical Model and Simulation of a Quadrotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in Hover Mode

Quadrotor, one of the most popular type of civil UAV, has been commercially existed in various sizes and prices. This popularity, however, has yet to be coupled with a proper method in mathematical modeling, design, and analysis. This paper describes a mathematical modelling process of a Quadrotor UAV, using the similar methodology used in modelling a conventional aircraft. The process aims to result in a state space format, with a linear description of forces and moments acting on the vehicle, while maintaining accuracy of its dynamic tendencies. a 6 Degrees of Freedom mathematical model for the Quadrotor in its hover mode is elaborated, starting from the general equation until the state-space form, along with the linearization assumptions. Afterward, the model is analyzed its stability and controllability via common method in flight dynamic and control. Keywords - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Quadrotor, Drone, State Space Model, Simulation.