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Split-S Maneuver of Fighter Aircraft Simulation against Pure-Pursuit Guidance Missiles

In an air-to-air engagement between two fighter aircraft, a fighter aircraft requires several maneuvers to evade the opponent's attack. Out of several fighter maneuvers, one of the most commonly used maneuver is the Split -S maneuver, in which the fighter changes direction and altitude drastically to distance itself from the battlefield. This paper will discuss the effectiveness of the Split-S maneuver in evading a Pure-Pursuit Guidance Missile. The simulation is conducted to determine the fighter’s survivability in a case wherein the Split-S maneuver is executed to evade multiple incoming missiles from a multitude of directions. The movements of both the fighter and the Pure-Pursuit missiles will be modeled using the MATLAB / SIMULINK software. The result of this simulation is the acquisition of the distribution of the miss-distances, which can later be utilized by a fighter pilot as a consideration for the execution of a Split-S maneuver. Keywords - Split-S Maneuver, Pure-Pursuit, Fighter, Missile.