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Evaluation of Stress Field at the Vertex of the Interface in Three-Dimensional Dissimilar Material Joints

Dissimilar material joint has been used in many industrial products such as automobiles, smart material, medical equipment and electrical instruments. A mismatch of material properties and the coefficient of thermal expansion cause the failure of joints. The durability and performance of joints are affected by several parameters such as material property, external and internal forces. Hence, dissimilar material joints should be analyzed considering the properties of materials. Many investigators investigated firstly stress fields in 2D elastic dissimilar material joints and then those in 2D elasto-plastic dissimilar material joints. Recently, the 2D numerical analysis has been extended to 3D numerical analysis for determining the stress fields in elastic dissimilar material joints. However, the 3D stress field near the vertex of dissimilar material joints has not been clear until now. In the present paper, the effect of stress fields is evaluated using eigen value analysis based on a finite element method. In this analysis a model of three-dimensional dissimilar joint consisting of aluminum and resin is used. All stress components are expressed as spherical coordinate systems in which origins are located at the vertex of the interface. From numerical result, evaluation of the stress field is performed. Index Terms - 3D stress field, dissimilar material, eigen analysis, FEM, smart material.