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Heat Transfer Modelling and Analysis of Flat Plate Solar Collector with Triple Fluid Heat Exchanger and Sensible Thermal Storage System

This paper focusses on heat transfer modelling of solar flat plate collector with triple fluid heat exchanger and thermal energy storage system. Flat plate solar collector, integrated with triple fluid heat exchanger is used for getting hot air as well as hot water for domestic applications. Packed bed type sensible thermal energy system is considered here keeping in mind of economic approach and robust solution. Hot air from triple fluid heat exchanger is used as working fluid for storing energy in the considered thermal storage system for later use. Thermal performance analysis of flat plate solar collector, heat exchanger and sensible thermal energy storage system are obtained and analyzed. The solar and weather data are used the simulation purposes. This kind of solar thermal systemcan be used for getting simultaneous water heating and space heating purposes. The said system can improve demand-supply mismatch for domestic as well as industrial process heating applications as well. Keywords - Flat plate solar collector, Triple fluid heat exchanger, sensible thermal storage system, heat transfer modelling