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The Development of Flight Testing Tool for Longitudinal Static Stability Assessment

This paper presents some parts of the research in developing a flight laboratory that will be utilized to enrich flight mechanics teaching in the Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering in Bandung Institute of Technology. Specifically,this paper presents the development of aGraphical User Interface (GUI)in Matlab, which can be used by students to analyzeaircraftstability. To demonstrate the use of this sGUI, a simulated flight test is performed inX-Plane for Cessna 172 aircraft. The flight data is transmitted by the X-Plane using User Datagram Protocol, and received by a Simulink routine, then passed through to the GUI. The results of the simulation will be shown in a graph that depicts real time aircraft data, longitudinalstatic stability, and the aircraft’s Neutral Point. All of the data gathering and stability analysis process are performed by students,thus expected to improve the understanding of the students to the related theories in classrooms. Index Terms- Flight Laboratory, GUI,Real Time Data, Static Longitudinal Stablity, Neutral Point, UAV