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Effects of a Thin Plate on Aerodynamic Characteristics of Linear Shear Flows over a Bluff Structure

A study on the effects of a thin detached plate on the aerodynamic characteristics of linear shear flows over a circular cylinder is conducted in the present research. The vortex shedding and behavior of aerodynamic forces acting on the circular cylinder, with and without the application of the plate, are studied numerically. System parameters such as the shear parameter, velocity gradient, cylinder-plate system geometry and separating gap between the plate and the circular cylinder are all taken into consideration. It is found in the research that a thin plate separated from the cylinder plays an important role in the flow phenomenon including the vortex shedding pattern in the vicinities of the cylinder and in the exertions applied on the cylinder subjected to linear shear flows. Keywords - Vortex control; Linear shear flow; Bluff structures; Vortex shedding.