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Experimental Study of The Performance of Compression Ignition Engine Using Various Bio Diesel Blends

The objective of this study is to investigate experimentally the performance of compression ignition engine using various bio diesels extracted from corn, sun flower, and palm oils. The engine was operated at constant load and variable speed. The following parameters were analyzed: brake power, brake specific fuel consumption, Brake thermal Efficiency, and exhaust temperature. The results shows that the use of bio diesel blends can be used in compression ignition engine with no modifications, and can replace pure diesel fuel. In addition the bio diesels produce brake power almost the same as pure diesel. The engine consumes less fuel for corn and sun flower bio diesels than pure diesel. The BSFC for corn and sun flower bio diesels are less than that of pure diesel. Corn and sun flower has higher thermal efficiency than pure diesel. All bio diesels blends produces less NOx emissions than pure diesel. Key words - Bio Diesel, Compression ignition engines, Engine Performance *This Study done during sabbatical leave at Al Tafila Tech. Univ.