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Comparative Assessment Of Wiper And Standard Insert On Surface Roughness In Hard Turning Of En-9 Steel

This study considers the comparison between the surface roughness criteria (Ra) of the wiper inserts with conventional inserts during hard turning of EN-9 hardened steel. Recently EN-9 steel finds many applications like shaft, axle, gears and fasteners due to their high hardness, strength and weight ratio. Optimum machining parameters of turning operations are greatly influenced with concern along with manufacturing environment. In this experimental work turning on EN-9 steel with different cutting parameters like cutting speed, and depth of cut greatly influenced by response parameter like surface roughness. Mainly surface roughness where investigated employing L9 orthogonal array using Taguchi’s design of experiments with different cutting parameters of EN-9 of turning, parameters were optimized and analyzed by Analysis of variance (ANOVA’s). The assessment of surface reveals that, when compared to conventional inserts, the application of wiper inserts leads to significantly improved surface roughness.