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Design and Automation of Cylinder Head Valve Guide Groove Detection System

The power required to drive an automobile is obtained by burning the fuel in the engine. This combustion process requires the mixture of air and fuel in proper quantity. This mixture is sent into the combustion chamber through the valves. They are valves present at both inlet and exhaust. The valve guides and valve seats are crucial for proper working of the valves. The valve guide serves to positively locate the valve so that it makes a proper contact with the valve seat. A valve guide is a cylindrical part pressed into the cylinder head, with the valve reciprocating in it. Guides serve also to conduct heat from the combustion process out from the exhaust value and into the cylinder head where it may be taken up by the cooling system. Manual pressing of valve guides into the engine led to several physical ergonomic problems like lack of safety, severe operator discomfort and difficulty of operation. It led to less production and improper seating of valve guide, resulting in variation of spec. The improper seating affects several factors like the valve timing, the combustion process inside the combustion chamber, the volumetric efficiency, ignition delay, etc. it leads to an increase amount of scrap and an increase of material cost. This machine is used to press 16 valve guides into the cylinder to the required depth and at uniform pressure without any manual assistance. The installation of automatic valve guide pressuring machine as led to the detection of cycle time and improvement in quality in the production of cylinder heads. The man power required to manually press the valve guide as also been eliminated thus resulting in cost savings. Engine cooling is also improved as the proper seating ensured that the valve guides should properly conduct the heat from the exhaust. The automation of kappa cylinder head valve guide groove detection system was done by us as a part of this automation process which detects and corrects the alignment of the valve guides. This eliminates manual loading thus improving the quality and reducing the scrap. Index terms - cylinder head, Automation, design, Valve, Groove detection system