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Effect of Turbulence Parameters on Flow-Induced Vibrations in a Cross Flow Over Staggered Array of Cylinders

Effect of turbulent Prandtl numbers used in standard k-ɷ turbulence model on the flow induced vibrations for cross flows over staggered array of cylinders is quantified through computational fluid dynamic analyses. For 50-60% variations in the turbulent Prandtl numbers, the difference in the frequency ratios, the parameters for the vortex-induced vibration, are larger than 10 %. On the other hand, the difference in the reduced velocity, the parameter for fluid-elastic vibration, is3.6%.This result shows that the fluid-elastic vibration is far less sensitive to turbulence parameters. Index Terms - Flow Induced Vibration, Cross Flow, Array of Cylinders, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Standard k-ɷ turbulence model, Turbulent Prandtl Number.