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Investigation Of Drag And Lift Force On An Airfoil Shaped Body At Different Angles

Experimental investigation of drag and lift force on an airfoil shaped body at different angles is presented. Fundamentals of aircraft design is provided with detailed estimation of the aerodynamic drag of airfoil is presented. These include the definition of the mission of the aircraft and various requirements, such as performance, handling, manufacturing, upgradability, maintainability, and many others. At different angle the coefficient of drag is to determine. A 3D airfoil was placed in a low speed wins tunnel with pressure taps along its surface and a pitot probe downstream to measure the flow characteristics. The wind tunnel was operated at nominal velocities during the coefficient measurement, a Reynold’s number of about 200- 800. The airfoil, with a 10inch chord, was analyzed at 0,5,10,15,20,25 degrees angles of attack and with different loads. The phenomenon known as hysteresis with regards to stall conditions was also observed by varying the angle of attack and wind tunnel velocity.