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The Limited Component Study for Shot Peening Method of 40 Balls

Shot peening process is widely used to improve the mechanical strength, wear resistance, fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance of the parts. And also used to surface extinction, to scale, and eliminate the residual stress of casting, forging, welding, etc. The process consists of impacting the surface of the parts by multiple high-velocity shots which induce a layer of the plastic deformation near the surface and work-harden the near surface material. And there has a wide variety of the parameters which are known to influence the effectiveness of the shot peening process which can be principally categorized as shot, target and flow parameters. In practice, however, shot peening process is not described by each of the single mentioned process parameters, but principally by coverage percentage ([1], [2], [3]) Almen intensity and type of the used peening media. These are the key parameters for industrial calibration of shot peening process. Keywords - Shot peening, work-harden, Finite element analysis, high-velocity, Balls.