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Possible Changes in Quality of Concrete by using Polymer Fibre

The work is performed to study and analyze different properties of M-15 and M-20 grade concrete containing polymer fibre. Initially Coarse Aggregate (having size 20 & 10 mm) and natural Sand , OPC 43 Grade Cement, polymer fibre i.e polypropylene fibre of different sizes ( 12 mm, 24 mm and hybrid fibre ) are collected. In this research study, for M- 15 & M-20 Grade of concrete total 8 trial mixes are carried out for water cement ratio 0.50 & 0.55. Out of this 8 trial mixes, two trial mix are control mix and the remaining 6 mix containing three different sizes of polymer fibre i.e. polypropylene fibre namely CPP12 mm, CPP24 mm and CPPST fibre (hybrid fibre). Initially aggregate proportioning was done on maximum density approach. Trial mixes were carried out to fix the water content, sand percent and required slump. After finalizing the water content, sand percent and slump, final mixes were run and specimens casted. Cubical specimens of size 150 mm X 150 mm were cast for compressive strength, 150 mm X 130 mm cylinders for split tensile test, 150 mm X 150 mm cylinders for permeability test and 100 mm X 100 mm X 500 mm flexural Beam for flexural test. The specimens were tested at 28 days age for Compressive strength, Split tensile, flexural test and permeability test. Results of all the tests were thoroughly studied and analyzed. Keywords - Polymer Fibre, Aggregate, Admixture