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Effect of Dry and Wet Machining on Surface Roughness and Tool Tip Temperature in Turning Inconel 718

Machining processes are on a rise with advent of several non-conventional machining processes. But along with being high quality processes non-conventional processes have one major disadvantage is that they are time consuming for large material removal so need for improving process characteristics of comparatively rapid traditional machining processes have risen to achieve high precision and process control. Aim of this work is to study the effect of lubricant machining on Inconel 718 material subjected to high temperature applications on surface roughness. This paper deals with experimental investigation of dry and wet machining on surface roughness and tool tip temperature by uncoated carbide insert. The encouraging results include significant reduction in surface roughness and tool tip temperature for wet machining as compared to dry machining. Keywords - Turning, Inconel 718, Dry and Wet Machining, CBN insert, Tool Tip Temperature, Surface Finish.