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Mixed Turbulent Convection Heat Transfer in a 3d Lid-Driven Cavity Containinga Rotating Cylinder

A turbulent mixed convective flow in a differentially heated 3D enclosure that contains a thermally insulated rotating central cylinder is simulated for different rotational speeds and directions with regards to enhancing the heat transfer. A hot stationary bottom wall and a cold lid-driven top wall were used in this investigation whereas all remaining walls were fixed and adiabatic. Two different Reynolds numbers, Re = 5000and 10000, were studied in terms of analysing their impacts on the heat and flow patterns. The flow simulation and evaluation are completed through is other mcontours, velocity profiles and Nusselt numbers. The outcomes show that flow patterns and thermal fields are strongly affected by changing either the cylinder rotational speeds and directions or the Reynolds number values. Keywords - Rotating cylinder, Lid-driven cavity, Mixed convection, URANS.