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A Computational Comparison Model to Assess Appliances Applied to Water Taps

There are several available types of appliances differ in shapes, durability, appearance, functionality, sizes and prices which vary accordingly. To help the decision maker in selecting among alternative, it is suggested to use a sixmeasure model to assess public appliances. The six measures are: Worth, Appearance, Toughness, Ease of use, Repairability and Saving of resources (WATERS). The proposed model is applied to compare water taps intended for use in ablution (Wudu) facilities. The performance indicator is the model output used in the assessment and it is computed by dividing the system output by its input. The tap-system input is its price and the output is a sum accumulating the other weighted five measures score. Sensitivity analysis is performed on the model and it automatically finds the performance. The approach is characterized by its simplicity through using a generic software such as MICROSOFT-EXCEL for calculating the model outputs and making sensitivity analysis. This model can be generalized for other types of public appliances such as electric household appliances and cars since the used measures are common. Keywords - Ablution Facilities; Assessment model; Appliance selection; Sensitivity analysis, Water taps; Resource saving; Wudu facilities g.