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2D Formulation of Crack Model by using the Smeared Material Properties

The nature of complexity involved in crack modeling procedures has led to the development of simplified models in crack simulations. One such method is the use of smeared material properties at the crack zone, where overall stiffness loss due to crack propagation is represented by monotonic reduction in Modulus of elasticity ā€˜Eā€™ of few elements in Finite Element models. This approach is numerically investigated in this work. Efforts are made to formulate a procedure to represent actual crack initiation and propagation by smeared material properties. This is in accordance with the crack depths and locations considered. Simplified repeating structures, in the form of a bladed disc, have been considered. A comparison of the vibration response is made between actual fatigue crack on repeating structure and the other with smeared material properties. The natural frequency measuring technique of Modal Analysis is combined with statistical technique of Modal Assurance Criteria (MAC). Keywords: Crack modeling, Crack detection and assessment, Structural Health Monitoring (SHM), Failure analysis