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Noise Source Identification in Engine by using Structural Analysis Technique

To meet the firm noise regulations for engines and overall structures noise level, noise reduction has given prime concern by many industries like automotive, aerospace, etc. In any component which is driven by the engine considered that the engine significantly affects the drive comfort and noise level. There are number of noise sources exist in the engine. Reducing engine noise includes exact noise source identification and reduces the noise level as per input excitations. The present work focuses on a detailed modal analysis of engine components and assembled engine to obtain their natural frequencies and mode shapes which coincides with running frequency of engine and contribute to the overall noise. FEA analysis also performed to correlate results of experimental modal analysis with FEA. Identification of maximum noise source region is done by performing a sound pressure mapping at gear cover side also a contour plot is obtained by a run-up engine test which gives some frequencies bands involved in maximum noise generation. The location of maximum noise generation at a particular frequency was identified in gear cover side. Keywords - Vibro-Acoustic, Sound Pressure Mapping, Modal Analysis, Gear Cover.