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Tribology of Hybrid Polymer Composites

Sisal fiber is a promising reinforcement for use in composites on account of its low cost, low density, high specific strength and modulus, no health risk, easy availability in some countries and renewability. In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in finding new applications for sisal-fiber-reinforced composites that are traditionally used for making ropes, mats, carpets, fancy articles and others. Sisal composites are being used in other advanced applications such as sports, cases of mobile and laptop, toys, marine railings etc. Sisal fiber has high strength and stiffness, good elongation at break, light in weight, nonabrasive, nontoxic, and biodegradable properties which makes it an efficient reinforcement material in the preparation of its polymer-based composites for engineering applications. Observing the tremendous advantages and opportunity of natural fibers there is a need to further explore the possibility of sisal fiber to be used as reinforcement in polymer composites for tribological applications.