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FEA And Experimental Validation Of Rotary Cage Fixture

The project idea basically developed from trunnion tables which are one type of fixture having ability to rotate about its axis and able to fix the component at any angle. There is no requirement of angle plate and sine plates, drilling process is also computer controlled so no guide bush is required, So robust design for extra rigidity, flexibility and simple to use. In this project task is difficult as design rotary cage fixture for component like cylinder block, which is heavy of 76 kg. It is not possible to rotate or handle component manually and proceed on them to make this process accident proof and automated for this purpose we are designing a rotary cage which rotate 360 degree and allow indexing to process on the component. Processes are to be operated on the component are drilling tapping and air blow washing ,Since drilling don’t need clamping here components self weight will enough to carry drilling force and tapping force coming through power tools. Therefore, rotary cage type fixture is critical importance. Due to these factors, the Rotary cage type fixture has been the topic of research for different aspect such as simulation, bending stress analysis and experimental validation done.