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Transient Heat Transfer Analysis of Bulkhead Penetration Piece for A-Class Compartment of Ship and Offshore Plant

In order to protect people's lives in the event of a fire and to prevent large-scale damage accidents, Classification Societies have strengthened the relevant design rules to prevent flames from being transmitted from the firing point to other compartments. In compartments where fire protection is important, such as A-class compartments, the airtightness and fire protection design of members that pass through bulkheads and decks are strictly regulated by the International Maritime Organization's (IMO) Safety of Life at Sea Convention (SOLAS). In order to verify the suitability of the fire protection design for such penetration members, the fire test prescribed by the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) must be performed, but numerical analyses are need to be carried out to minimize the time and cost required for the test. In this study, the transient heat transfer numerical analysis based on the finite element method was applied to investigate the heat transfer characteristics of the bulkhead penetration piece for the A-class compartments. The transient heat transfer analyses were carried out according to the MSC fire test procedure, and the heat transfer characteristics of the bulkhead penetration pieces of various materials were reviewed. Index Terms - A-class Compartment, Bulkhead Penetration Piece, Fire Accident of Ship and Offshore Plant, Transient Heat Transfer Analysis