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Effects of Lighting Color Temperature on Customers’ Preference for Craft Product

This study discusses the influence of the color temperature of LED light source and the craft product type on subject’s visual image and preference. The study enrolled 120 subjects in the experiment. Each of them randomly watched 9 experimental conditions containing three color temperatures (2700°K, 3100°K, and 6000°K) matched with three craft products (wooden stationery, jade product, and ceramic cup) and then filled in the visual image and preference questionnaires. The results show that the color temperature of 2700°K is more suitable for wood products, and compared to other color temperatures, it is more likely to give noble, fresh, warm, sensual, elegant, and natural feelings and have a high preference. Moreover, 3100°K is more suitable for ceramic, while 6000°K is more suitable for jade products. The research suggests that products with different craft material should use different color temperatures for lighting in order to make the viewers have a positive feeling and high preference. Index Terms - Color temperature, visual image, craft product, preference.