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Study on Heat Transfer Coefficient in a Jacketed Agitated vessel using Nanofluids

This work constitutes a study on enhancement in heat transfer coefficient using Al2O3-25% Ethylene Glycol solution nanofluids. The experiments were conducted using 0.1%, 0.2% and 0.3% volume fraction of Al2O3 nanoparticle dispersed in 25% Ethylene Glycol solution. The effect of agitation speed and temperature was studied by conducting experiments at agitation speeds of 200-800 rpm and temperature of 320-340 K. Three blade propeller and four blade pitched turbine were used to provide agitation to fluid. The effect of baffles in vessel was also studied. The results showed significant enhancement in heat transfer coefficient for baffled condition as compared to unbaffled conditions. Due to better flow pattern, heat transfer coefficient is higher for rushton turbine when compared to three blade pitched propeller. Heat transfer coefficient was also found to increase with increasing temperature, agitation speed and volume fraction of nanoparticles. Keywords - Agitated vessel, Al2O3-25% Ethylene Glycol Solution, Heat Transfer Coefficient, Jacketed Vessel, Propeller, Pitched Turbine