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Implication Of Perforated Jet In Flow Characterises

The study of free jets is a phenomenon of functional and operational importance for space research activities. The exhaust nozzle forms an integral part of any space vehicle and significantly affects the related mission. This necessitates the need to study the efflux from an exhaust nozzle to understand the flow characteristics and performance parameters. The flow emanating from the exhaust nozzle had been extensively studied but preceding works mostly resorted to circular or rectangular opening. The force propelling these vehicles is directly affected by the nozzle shape and size which varies from nozzle to nozzle. The flow characteristics and related performance parameters are very likely to be altered with change in nozzle size and shape. This aspect of exhaust nozzles is yet to be explored. In this work, we mainly focus on optimizing the shape of exhaust nozzle for maximum performance. An existing experimental apparatus was adapted for the study. Experiments were carried out on jet emanating from a rectangular opening and compared with that of a perforated opening of a fixed diameter. The specific objectives of the work were to investigate the role of various exit shapes on flow features, performance parameters and to know the role of important parameters. Keywords- Free jet, Flow interaction, Perforated jet, Momentum loss, Exit shape.