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Conversion of Diesel Engine to CNG Engine of Commercial Vehicles and Emission Control

Depletion of petroleum products is providing reasons for research of its alternate means, such as CNG or Natural Gas ,which looks promising in future. It will help to bring down the percentage of harmful emissions, regardless of any vehicle type or category. We have been using CNG as a fuel in stationary engines for a long time, but the trend of using CNG as a transport engine fuel have been developing due to use of new types of light weight high pressure storage cylinders. We can use compressed natural gas in IC engines in various methods and with little modifications. It is revealed that there is decrease in performance characteristics while the emissions characteristics for CNG are better as compared with diesel or petrol. This paper shows the conversion of diesel engine to a CNG engine with little modifications. This paper gives a comprehensive review about the researches and the development of CNG engine to keep the output power, torque and emissions of compressed natural gas engines comparable to their gasoline or diesel counterparts. This paper introduces the use of gas injectors, three-way catalytic converter. To perform all the modifications, I have taken Cummins ISC 8.3 for commercial vehicle diesel engine as my baseline engine. Keywords - Conversion, Diesel engine, CNG engine, Three-Way Catalytic convertor, Compression Ratio, Fuel Injector, Air Gas Mixture, Camshaft Position Sensor, Throttle Valve, MAP Sensor, Fuel Rail for CNG