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Optimizing Operation of Microgrid for Rural Area Case Study: Khun Pae, Chiang Mai, Thailand

This research presents optimizing operation and energy management for a grid connected microgrid, which is consisted of the micro hydropower plant, photovoltaic system (PV), battery energy storage system (BESS) and the main grid. The main objective is to minimize the energy flow of the system as a lot of power is imported from the main grid and reduce to zero emission. All actual data profiles are collected from a real microgrid site. The microgrid model uses a microgrid controller to control BESS, PV generation, and load consumption, which focuses on energy management system (EMS), is based on the peak shaving and used all distribute generation to generate the electricity. The simulation results and experimental results have shown that a system is able to reduce energy consumption and peak demand period from the grid Keywords - HOMER, Microgrid, Optimizing, Operation, Renewable Energy Sources