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Minimum Walking Frame for Active Elder

Design for activities in daily life of elder is important in Elder society. The elder activities in a small space such as a public toilet or a narrow walkway have to be considered specifically in order to protect the falling or hit accidents. Gait analysis was applied for design the elder walkway. Movements of upper and lower bodies were analyzed to specify the safety space of elder walkway. Ninety-two Thai active elders aged between 60 – 75 years old were recruited and collected their gait data by a motion capture system. The body movement data were used to specify the upper and lower spaces in Frontal plane. The percentile of four-dimension, stature height, upper body width, step width and lower body width were presented. Statistical analysis showed that the average stature height was 162 cm. (SD 8), the average upper body width was 70 cm. (SD 9) and the average lower body width was 26 cm. (SD 5). Keywords - Aging, Elder, Gait, Walking, Walking frame.