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Design and Implementation of Axial Windings Turntable Motors

In this paper, the geometrical design of axial windings are applied to the two-phase turntable coreless motor. The design of axial windings can be to improve the utilization rate of the permeant magnets so that the back-EMF and the number of windings are increased. Therefore, the performance of turntable motor with the axial windings such as rising time and stall torque can be improved without changing the rotor structure of the turntable motor. A two-phase turntable motor design procedure based on the simulation with practical verification is given. A 8 poles and 12 overlapping windings design is proposed. Both of finite element analysis and equivalent magnetic circuit are used respectively to calculate the flux density and the Back-EMF and magnetic torque. Finally, the motor output performances resulting from the finite element simulation are compared to the measurement. Keywords - Two-Phase Turntable Motor, Axial Coil Design, Coreless Stator, Equivalent Magnetic Circuits, Finite-Element Analysis.