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Automation Drifts: The Review on Reshaping the Construction

The growth of construction industry is going to increase from 492.84 lakh crore Rupees to over 821.40 lakh crore Rupees in next 7 years. The global contribution of construction industry in GDP is about 13% of the whole. It is estimated that construction in developing economies is set to increase by 110% and infrastructure construction by 128%. Different indicators indicate that conventional construction techniques have reached its saturation point. The construction industry is labour intensive with risky working conditions. Thus the importance of construction automation is increased rapidly in developed countries. The challenges faced with construction work such as labour shortages, poorly maintained equipment, decreasing quality of work, poor plants, labour‘s safety and working condition of projects. To address these problems various new innovative technologies such as automation which has the potential to enhance the safety, quality, and productivity of the construction industries must be implemented. Today the construction industry is one of the most unpracticed fields in terms of automation thus studying recent application in robotics and automation in the construction industry is of dire need. The qualitative study has been carried out to focus on trends, merits, obstacles and its applications in implementing automation in construction industry are reviewed in this paper. Keywords - Automation, Construction Industry, Prefabricated Housing.