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Windshield Production Scheduling for On-Time Delivery by Earliest Shortage Delivery Time

We consider the windshield production scheduling in order to reduce the delay of delivery time. Our approach is to modify the current scheduling rule with the earliest due date (EDD) dispatching rule by applying the minimum stock first (MSF) under the actual production process requirements, such as the number of times to change the product models, the quality rates and the efficiency of the production processes. We also determine the batch production amount, the safety stock levels and the re- production points. We simulate the process by trace-driven simulation on the actual delivery schedule and the overall effectiveness of the actual process. The results show that the new production scheduling can reduce the delivery shortage from 13.2% to 0.0%, which meets the company’s target. However, there are two other measures that do not meet the company's policy: the downtime from model changed is 5.2% above the target and the inventory level is 7.8% more than the target. Keywords - Production Scheduling, Dispatching Rules, Production Scheduling Heuristic, Windshield Production, Earliest Due Date (EDD)