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Review On Pipe Line Hazard Detection Using Vibration Analysis Method

For a fluid-transportation system, vibration analysis has number of applications such as fault diagnostics & prognostics. The elucidation and affiliation of this data is often troublesome, even for the skilled personnel, and thus automated processing and analysis methods are sometimes required. Generally main focus in these analysis systems are to produce a correlation between hazard levels to vibration signal that can be compared to a calibrated value. Many papers proposes the use of fluid transients as a non-invasive technique for locating hazards in transmission .But it is not clear from the literature, that is the details related with each feature so that the results are reliable among users. An attempt has been made to define the terms, and to show mathematical expressions which are indispensable to produce consistent results. Keywords— Fast Fourier Transform, Frequency response diagram, Pipe line hazard, viscoelastic pipeline.