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Design and Construction of a Hydro-pneumatic Mock Circulation Loop that Emulates the Cardiovascular System

A complete mock circulation loop was developed for emulating both the systemic and pulmonary circuits of the cardiovascular system, whose functioning is based on the conditions of an average healthy person. This plant has different chambers such as ventricles, atriums, venous and arterial, compliances and resistances for each heart side. These chambers are coupled and inside it has a fluid with similar characteristics than blood, as to density and viscosity. The controller used is the platform NI myRIO, that it is programmed through the graphical environment of NI Lab VIEW. This has allowed the development of a control for the test bench, with an interface that allows to vary certain parameters, to select the section of the cardiovascular system to be simulated and a data acquisition system for the subsequent analysis. Keywords - Mock System, Systemic, Pulmonary, Cardiovascular, Interface, Data Acquisition.