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Effects of Flow on Permeability of Air Buble in Oil Well

This paper presents a systematic review of the effect of flow on relative air buble permeability measurements using a stable method. The relative permeability’s of the air were measured for a sandstone core mixed with wettability and a sandstone core with a watery maturity. In both cases, the relative permeability curves were independent of flow velocity. The actual velocity of 2ft. / day, representing flow rates in the tank, up to 39ft. / day, indicates current fluxes in the laboratory environment, have been used in this study. For current flow distances, oil curves vary by a maximum of ± 3 sons of saturation with average values, and air bublecurves vary by a maximum of ± 2 sons of saturation. Keywords - Permeability, Air Buble, Oil Well, Flow Velocity.