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Compression Strength, Density and Porosity of Al2024-MgO-CNT-Mg Composites

Metal matrix composite materials have found application in many areas of daily life for a long time. It is often not understood that it uses composite materials in practice. These innovative materials offer unlimited possibilities for modern materials science and development. The properties of the metal matrix composites can be designed according to the desired material depending on the application. From this potential, metal matrix composites fulfill all the concepts the designer wants. For this purpose, by using a hybrid composite comprising two or more types of enhancers, the advantages of one type of enhancer and the further development of properties that are lacking in the other are aimed. In this study, Al2024-CNT-MgO-0.2 Mg hybrid composites were produced by stir casting method. Composites prepared with Mg were heat treated at 170oC for 2, 4 and 6 hours. The compression test of the produced composites was performed according to international ASTM standards at room temperature and 1 mm / min test speed. The density of the composites was carried out according to the Archimedes principle and the porosity results were analyzed by using the theoretical density and measured density values. The results obtained were compared and discussed. Keywords - Composites, Compression Strength, Mechanical Properties, Density, Porosity.