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Production And Interfacial Properties Of Honeycomb Sandwich Panel Produced By Melt Drag Process

Aluminum honeycomb has superior properties which are light weight, absorption sound, heat insulation and energy absorption than bulk aluminum. In present the aluminum honeycomb sandwich panel (AHS) is used as structural materials such as aerospace panel and house material. The AHS is generally made from honeycomb core and aluminum alloy panel. These core and panel are bonded with bond. The bond is often not good for heat resistance or recyclability in some situations. Report of AHS without bond is very few. The aim of this study is to clarify producing conditions to make AHS without bond by melt drag process. Melt drag process is single roll strip casting process. Strip producing from directly molten metal and bonding panel are at a time. Producing AHS without bond was possible. Suitable producing conditions were investigated. Cross section microstructure near interface was observed. Bonding strength was tested. Keywords- Strip Casting, Meld Drag Process, Aluminum Honeycomb Sandwich Panel, Mechanical Properties