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The Influence of Mg on The Tensile and Hardness Properties of Al-Cu-Mg-MgO-CNT Composites

In the production of composite materials, the possibility of combining different material systems (metal-ceramic-non-metal) offers a wide range of applications. The properties of these new materials are mainly determined by the properties of their components. Reinforcement of metals can have many different purposes. In particular, the strengthening of light metals such as aluminum makes it possible to apply these materials in areas where weight reduction is a top priority. The precondition here is to improve the component properties. The development objectives of light metal composite materials are high yield strength and tensile strength increase at room temperature and above while maintaining ductility or hardness, increase in creep resistance at higher temperatures, increase in fatigue strength at high temperatures, improvement of thermal shock resistance, improvement of corrosion resistance, improvement of elastic modulus and thermal reduction of elongation. In this study, Al-Cu-Mg-CNT-MgO hybrid composites were produced by stir casting method and 0.5% and 1.0% by weight of extra Mg was added to the composite. Composites were subjected to heat treatment at 170oC for 2, 4 and 6 hours and tensile test and hardness test were applied to the samples. Tensile test was performed according to international ASTM standards at room temperature and 1 mm / min tensile speed. Thus, the effect of heat treatment time and extra magnesium addition on the hardness and tensile strength of the composites were tried to be determined. Keywords - Hardness, Composites, Tensile Strength, Mechanical Properties.